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Our Mission

Bennu Consulting’s mission is to help businesses and leaders self-actualise. Business self-actualisation means to reach a state of fulfilment due to a high-performance culture and organisational well-being. With a philosophy of psychological safety and systemic thinking, we at Bennu believe that businesses who reach their full potential experience this through a cultural butterfly effect in which every aspect of the system is both considered, examined, valued and balanced. 

Bennu's Values

The Bennu ethos is one of honesty, integrity and care. With decades of collective experience within the consulting and psychological professions, your culture, your growth, your performance and wellbeing are our passion and priority. 

Client Testimonials

“I have received coaching from David Stimson at Bennu for a number of months now. This has helped me in my personal growth as well as that of my business. His support has been invaluable. I would highly recommend his services to all”
Nazia Aftab
Director, NPA Human Resources Consultancy Limited
“Absolutely amazing and thoughtful person to work with. David knows his stuff and takes his clients through a well-designed journey”
Dr Ram Senasi MBBS, MRCS, FRCR
Chairman, Imperial Medical Solutions
“David from Bennu is an outstanding business coach. I quickly learnt that if you want to grow and develop your business you first have to understand what is driving you to succeed and what is stopping you. David quickly identified what I wanted to be doing rather than what I felt I should be doing- big difference. We then built a plan around how I was going to succeed in my goals , not just for now but for the rest of my life’
Charlie Bennet
Director, Otter Recruitment
"David has been a fantastic coach with great listening skills. He quickly established a trusting relationship and helped me see myself and others more clearly. I was able to identify patterns, to analyse my own behaviours, learn new ways to respond and focus on key growth areas. He coached me to better deal with organisational complexity, uncertainty, difficult situations and cope with transition. I would definitely recommend David to help you define what you want and how to get there!"
Nathalie Bazylewicz

Head of Operations, Remedy Healthcare Solutions

Creating Healthy Cultures For High Performance

The Bennu Story

Each member of the Bennu team share a passion for creating meaningful working environments. Working environments that are inclusive, compassionate, collaborative and welcome honest and objective feedback in order to drive high performances. Bennu Consulting was created through a coming together of like-minds with a drive for ensuring that voices are heard and that real potential can be met. With backgrounds in health, retail, business, consulting, coaching and the psychological professions, the Bennu team came together through a shared motivation to really help those that need help and to give voice to those that need to be heard. The Bennu team believe that by creating cultures of psychological safety and engaging in the often difficult but necessary honest conversations, then organisations can begin to operate in a thriving and harmonious way, resulting in less-stressed, engaged employees who can then in-turn create outstanding results because the results have genuine meaning to them. Early Culture Diagnostics can help leaders to truly understand the unconscious dynamics of the organisations workforce and the nature of the culture that presently exists. The Bennu team hold the shared belief that openness, honesty and integrity are the key factors to producing high performance cultures that really make an impact.