Denison Organisational Culture Survey (DOCS)

The DOCS survey is a tried, tested and thoroughly researched diagnostic tool which literally lifts the lid of an organisations culture and functional systems. An essential starting point for any organisation wishing to get to the root of their cultural assessments. The DOCS diagnostic will segment and highlight synergies and discrepancies throughout the organisation and allow strategic ambitions to be mapped upon the model. 

Feedback & Consultation

Using the diagnostic data from the DOCS, our consultants will invite open and honest conversations to explore the current-state diagnostic. Opting for honesty over hyperbole, our consulting approach holds high value on transparency and openness as a route to create a psychologically safe environment where all opinions are valued and considered. Our feedback will include the facilitation and space to reflect upon the current-state and opportunities to reflect upon cultural drivers, inhibitors and priority planning towards positive culture change. 

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