We at Bennu Consulting believe in creating meaningful partnerships with both clients and other leading industry providers. Currently Bennu Consulting strategically partners with Cloverhill Consultants, Denison Consulting Europe, Breathe4Wellbeing and Child & Adult Therapy Solutions. 

Denison Consulting

Denison Consulting, with their European headquarters based in Weinfelden (Switzerland), is a global consulting services firm providing client centric, innovative culture change and leadership development solutions. Denison Consulting is one of the world’s leading authority on linking culture, change, and leadership to business results.

Cloverhill Consultants

With over 30 years experience in senior level business, HR and Operations, Cloverhill CEO, Helen Easton is skilled in guiding organisational HR strategy and transformation. Helen consults and coaches on both local, national and international levels with a range of business solutions, from start-up to multi-national corporations.


Founded by Dawnie Browne in 2011, Breathe4Wellbeing is a Consultancy for Mind-Body Health, helping individuals and organisations develop the Inner Freedom to Thrive by connecting to your Heart Intelligence, your Authentic Self and your innate potential for Balance.

Child & Adult Therapy Sollutions (CATS)

CATS have a track record of providing highly professional therapy and counselling, assessments, clinical supervision and continued professional development. They offer a range of therapeutic solutions for children, adolescents, adults, families and offer sessions for individual clients to whole school and children’s service contracts across the North East of England.

The Bennu Team have experience of working with organisations from multi-sector industries, Global Corporations, SME’s to Local Authorities including Health and Education.