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Our Services

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Using the Denison Organisational Culture Model and survey (DOCS), we at Bennu Consulting have the ability to develop a rich and informative diagnostic of an organisation’s culture. A culture can be defined as the behavioural performance and outcome of a collective group-system based on both conscious and unconscious beliefs and assumptions about the organisation. The collective organisational culture will have the profound ability to either drive high impact, high value performance or create systemic disharmony, group fragmentation and eventually crash the potential impact an organisation can make.


As with any organisation or ‘system’, the way those with the most influence operate, will create the most ripples within the system. We at Bennu believe that those with the most influence have the ability to set a standard across the system that can positively impact the outcomes of all areas. High impact performance will emerge from the systems that allow its leadership to feel motivated, driven, psychologically safe, valued and understood. If the culture of an organisation is not developed and set within the leadership, it will be tested and defined elsewhere, often creating fragmentation and chaos in the process. 

Employee Wellbeing

With the estimated annual economic cost of mental health problems in the UK at £105 billion, it is likely that every workplace is affected by mental health at some point. Psychological safety and mental wellbeing are at the heart and core of Bennu Consulting’s approach to company culture. Alongside our sister-company Child & Adult Therapy Solutions (CATS) we aim to highlight the importance of emotional health within any system or organisation. With decades of experience within the field of psychotherapy and psychology, Bennu Consulting is in a prime position to both understand and deliver wellbeing services and training to companies, organisations and local authorities. 

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