Employee Wellbeing

First aid for mental health Certification

With around 1 in 4 people experiencing mental health distress at some point in their life in the UK, it is likely that every workplace is affected by mental health problems at some point. Mental Health and Wellbeing Champions in workplaces can make the difference in creating healthy and supportive environments where mental distress is not a stigma.

At Bennu Consulting we offer Ofqual regulated FAA Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 courses in First Aid for Mental Health (Levels 4,5 and 6 in Scotland) through NUCO Training. 

Mental Health & Wellbeing Policy Consultation

Bennu Consulting can provide guidance and consultation to help companies develop policies around stress assessment, mental health risk assessments and mental health and wellbeing policies. 

Counselling and wellbeing support

With years of experience delivering counselling and wellbeing support to organisations and services, Bennu Consulting can offer support to employees on a sessional basis. With the advancement of online video calling it is now extremely easy and convenient to access support wherever you may be in the world. Our counselling and support sessions are completely confidential and provided by fully qualified and accredited counsellors or psychotherapists. Face to face appointments are also available for those who can travel to Stockton on Tees, UK. 

Breath Perception® - Stress Reduction Training

Breath Perception® is a powerful method of promoting Inner Freedom and Thriving, through Conscious Relaxation. By bringing into balance the body and brain, this simple, yet profound method restores physiological equilibrium, harmonising the part of the nervous that controls whether we feel stressed and react from a place of survival, or relaxed and respond from a place of presence and self-awareness. It is a practical method with diverse application that can be used anytime, anywhere, with immediate impact. In the work place, Breath Perception® can be learned and applied to: 



• Reduce work-related stress and staff absenteeism by promoting wellbeing and emotional resilience at work 

• Increase staff morale, motivation and productivity 

• Support empathic leadership and emotional intelligence 

• Promote harmony and empathic communication within teams 

• Improve mental health and psychological safety, at work and at home Prior to working with a team or organisation 

This training can be delivered in-house and also online. 

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